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Welcome to vintage pinball.co.uk I am dedicated to preserving these wonderful old pinball machines. They only made them for three decades during the last century. Nothing like them will ever be made again. They are beautiful games to own and play. They have a charm and attraction like little else, with their colourful art work and mellow lighting. The fact that they are tremendous fun to play is a bonus. They come from an era long gone, when a cold Coke, a burger, music from a jukebox and a coin in the pinball was a way of life. Look at my pinball games for sale page if you are interested in buying a fully restored and working game. I can also repair or restore your game if you wish. See the relevant pages to see how I do that. Or just browse the pages to learn about the history of them, who made them and why, and how they work. You will also find a page with links pointing to much more information about them. Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy it
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