1965 Hurdy Gurdy sold
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A 1965 Gottleb Hurdy Gurdy wedge head add-a-ball pinball machine. This is one of the most collectable and iconic games from the golden period of EM pinball manufacture. It has been totally restored, including a full cabinet repaint, to original factory specification. It has a back glass animation, for every 100 points scored an organ grinders monkey hits the big bronze bell with a hammer. There are a total of three bells for sounds. The game has superb art by Roy Parker, the acknowledged master of pinball art. It looks amazing lit up, plays as it left the factory, and is extremely desirable and collectable. It is an add-a-ball game, meaning it gives extra balls instead of replays. This means the game can last as long as a player can keep winning more balls. A maximum of ten balls to play can be shown on the back glass, but as these are used up, more can be added. It is a perfect game for home use, and would look great in any room. Top rollovers light green / yellow pop bumpers in pairs. Hit all ten bullseye targets for an extra ball, or hit side / drain rollovers to knock out target numbers. Light the green / yellow targets for 100-400 or red and hit them for score or extra ball. In 1965, when this great Gottlieb was made, the Beatles and the Rolling stones had 3 number one records each. They included Help, Day Tripper, The Last Time and Satisfaction. The Beatles are long gone, unlike the Stones and this fantastic condition game. Only 3.186 examles of this game were made.