1973 Gottlieb Pro Football for sale
TEL. 07973 618543
A 1973 Gottlieb Pro Football wedge head pinball. It has been totally restored, the cabinet touched up as required. The playfield has been stripped, cleaned, polished & rebuilt with all cleaned & polished components and a new rubber ring kit. It is American football themed and, with the four 3" flippers, is a great game for home use, as the ball can be kept in play for longer. It gives replays for high scores and runs (both adjustable), and has 3 bells forsounds. It is a great player and working as it should. It features six top rollovers, two upper side rollovers, two side drain rollovers, two pop bumpers, a spinner, two vari targets, four stationary targets and four 3" flippers. It doesn't have a ball shooter rod or lane, the ball is launched from between the flippers by pressing the right flipper button. Runs are scored from top rollovers, advancing ball inserts on field to top via spinner & star rollover, vari targets or side drains. Vari targets score yards on the field or a run, depending on how hard they are hit.  This game plays really well. In 1973, when this great wedge head was made, Donny Osmond & David Cassidy were in the pop charts, the last manned mission to the Moon, Apollo 17, had ended, and Edward Heath was prime minister of Britain. Only 4,500 examples of this game were made.