1966 Gottlieb Cross Town for sale
TEL. 07973 618543
An excellent condition 1966 Gottlieb Cross Town. This is another highly desirable and collectable Gottlieb wedge head. It features back glass animation, every time the centre fan target is hit, and on starting a new game, the carriage doors open to reveal a tuber playing busker. He is about to be thrown off the train, to the amusement of the other passengers. This is an iconic game, plays superbly, and looks fantastic lit up.It has been gone through totally electro mechanically. The coin door, bar and shooter rod housing are new. Everything else is original. It is currently having very minor touch ups to the cabinet. These do not come up for sale often, never in this original condition. Four top rollovers light pop bumpers. Each lit pop bumper scores ten points. Light all four to light a random alternating mid side rollover for a SPECIAL. Pop bumpers move fan target scores. Pair them to score 100-  200-300 or SPECIAL. Paired numbers light for random SPECIAL. £2950 SOLD