1963 Bally Monte Carlo sold
TEL. 07973 618543
A very rare 1963 Bally Monte Carlo pinball. This is probably the only one in the UK. There is only one registered on the US serial number database. They only ever made 1050 to start with. It's a beautiful looking game. It has lovely colours and plays very well, the lit playfield is simply stunning. It has been completely gone through electro mechanically. The cabinet has been repainted to factory specification. The playfield has been stripped, cleaned, polished and rebuilt with cleaned & polished components. It has had all new stainless playfield screws &cup washers, new pop bumper caps & lane guides. It has a new playfield glass. The coin door, frame, shooter rod housing and legs have been powder coated as original. It has new leg levellers, leg bolts and back box bolts. It has an old shilling / 5p coin mech. Hit all the top rollovers to light the side drains for SPECIAL, which last until game over. Hit all the mushroom bumpers to light BIG-WIN on the back glass. Hit the lit star mushroom bumpers to add a number to the table on the back glass. When all ten are lit, you win three replays. BIG-WIN and  1-10 lights carry over game to game.  This game  now looks and plays fantastic.
The game is now sold to a gentleman in Worcestershire.