1962 Gottlieb Cover Girl for sale
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A 1962 Gottlieb Cover Girl pinball in very nice condition. The game has been gone through electro mechanically and is playing superbly. The cabinet and back box have been touched in. This game is now a really nice, mostly original game. The playfield has had minor touch ups in the flipper area. It is common for this area to wear on this game due to the raised checker pattern. This example was is nothing like as bad as most, and it now looks great again. A brand new mirror finish Nickel plated coin door, door frame and frame bolts have been fitted. The coin insert (marked for 6d), coin return and insert / return blanks have been mirror polished and Nickel plated to match the new parts. New legs, levellers and bolts have been fitted The game has Roy Parker pin up art from the period, as good as it gets. It is a very rare and collectable game. Hit the top, centre side or drain rollovers to light up the girls on the back glass. Hit the top centre rollover to light the paired centre targets. The numbers below the target change and hitting the red / white or both both targets lights the appropriate numbered girls. Light all six red or white cover girls to win a replay, light all twelve for two. Lighting all twelve also lights the gobble holes for 50 points and 1 replay or 100 points and 2 replays or 150 points and 3 replays. When acheived,  this feature stays lit until the game ends. Shoot a ball down a gobble hole to score 50 - 100 - 150 points or 50 / 1 replay, 100 / 2 replays, 150 / 3 replays when the gobble hole special is lit. The sound as the points are counted in 50s, followed by the knocker for a replay, up to three times, is rare and fantastic. A real Gottlieb classic.
In 1962, President Kennedy gives his famous speech starting the race to put man on the moon. The Beatles release their very first single, Love Me Do, and Britain and France agree to develop Concorde. Unfortunately, J.F.K, the trips to the moon, the Beatles and Concorde are all gone, unlike this beautiful Gottlieb classic.  Only 2,100 examples of this very desirable Gottlieb Cover Girl were made.