Pinball games to be restored
The following games are in various stages of restoration. A few will end up in my personal collection. I will take pre orders to restore many of these games to fully working and cosmetically as near to as near new condition as possible. This will ensure the new owner will have a fully functioning machine that looks and plays as it should. Please contact me if you would like to discuss or reserve a game. Scroll down for new games added.
Gottlieb Gigi 1963
Zaccaria Aerobatics 1977
Zaccaria Ski Jump 1978
Gottlieb Sing Along 1967
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A 1973 WILLIAMS TRAVEL TIME electro mechanical pinball machine. This game has the unusual feature of not being limited to five balls to play. The game is timed, it has a clock on the playfield. The game starts with a certain amount of time to play and it is used up as you play. More time can be added by hitting various features. The clock can also be stopped and started by hitting various features and it stops on ball drain. It restarts when the next ball is shot. When the time runs out, the game ends. Very nice art on the play field & back glass. It will be very nice when restored. Only 3,450 examples of this game were made.
A 1973 WILLIAMS SPANISH EYES electro mechanical pinball machine. This game is a Williams classic. Very unusual Art Deco style art work and a playfield with a horse shoe lane and a pop bumper between the flippers. It is in very nice original condition, with a good solid cabinet, and a very nice playfield. The back glass has a bit of fading in the reds but is otherwise good. A reproduction glass is available, and would make the game a truly excellent example. When fully restored, it will be beautiful. It is adjustable for replay, add-a-ball or novelty play. Only 3,905 examples of this game were made.
A WILLIAMS HEAT WAVE electro mechanical pinball machine from 1964. The game will have a fully restored and repainted cabinet, to original factory specification. The playfield is in really nice original condition. The back glass will need touch ups, or a reproduction if I can locate one. This game has the thermometer animated back glass and a drop target / two moving targets on the play field. A truly classic game designed by the great Steve Kordek and stunning seaside postcard art by Art Stenholm. One of the all time classic early sixties pinball games.  No production figures are available for this game, but it  would be only be around a couple of thousand or less.
A 1965 GOTTLIEB BANK A BALL pool themed wedge head electro mechanical pinball. The first Gottlieb to have flipper return lanes. It features an animated back glass where the pool balls fall in to a window as they are won and the lit balls on the pool table go out. A manual ball lift and very unusual mint green cabinet base colour with blue webbing makes this game very unusual. It is also a real players game, hard to beat but has that "I'll beat it next time" quality. It will be fully restored and will be a superb example when finished.  Only 3,400 examples of this game were made.
A 1963 GOTTLIEB GIGI electro mechanical pinball machine. A very desirable Gottlieb wedge head. Marilyn Monroe themed art by Roy Parker and unique game play. Fourteen bumpers, and an end of game bonus! Will restore to very nice. Perspex back glass has faded a little, has had a few touch ups, but is not bad for a 52 years old game. Playfield will have all new bumper caps, new flippers, new target decals and a new rubber ring set. The cabinet will be re painted to factory original and have new coin door, coin bar, shooter rod housing, legs, levellers, & bolts. It will be a superb example when finished. Only 3575 examples of this game were made.
A  1967 GOTTLIEB SING ALONG electro mechanical pinball machine. Four kick out holes and Christmas themed art, Very collectable. Electro mechanically overhauled and playing perfectly. The cabinet will be totally refinished as original. Playfield will have new bumper caps, flippers, kick out hole plastics, lane guides, bulls eye target decal and rubber ring set. The cabinet will have new coin door, coin bar, shooter rod housing, legs, levellers, & bolts. It will be a beautiful game to own and play when completed. Only 3,300 examples of this game were made.
A 1971 GOTTLIEB 2001 electro mechanical pinball machine. Two ten drop target banks, sci fi art, very desirable. The back glass is very nice, the playfield is having kick out hole wear refinished and will be clear coated. Cabinet has been totally refinished as
original. A brand new plastic set is waiting to go in to this
game, as are many other new parts. These include legs,
bolts & levellers, coin door, coin bar, shooter rod housing, pop bumper bodies & caps, flippers, the list goes on and on. This game will be superb when completed. Only 2,200 examples of this game were ever made.
A 1970 GOTTLIEB FLIP A CARD electro mechanical pinball machine. Extremely rare target based game with an under playfield spinner which is a very rare feature. The playfield will have a new rubber ring set and any other parts required. The cabinet will have new coin door, coin bar, shooter rod housing, legs, levellers, & bolts. Only 1,800 examples ever made. A game that will be great once more when the restoration is completed.
A 1978 ZACCARIA SKI JUMP electro mechanical pinball machine. This was one of the last EM pinball games made, By 1978, most games were being made using the then new solid state technology. A few games were made in both electro mechanical and solid state versions.  This game is very, very rare, they made most in the S/S version, very few of the EM version. Winter sports ski jumping themed, nice art. Mint playfield, very nice back glass, cabinet also excellent. Will restore to mint.
Sold, delivered to a client in Surrey.
A 1977 ZACCARIA AEROBATICS electro mechanical pinball machine. Very rare 'Red Arrows' themed game with superb art. Mint playfield & back glass. The cabinet is also mint. Extremely collectable due to the theme. It will have new parts fitted as required and a brand new rubber ring set. This game will restore to superb original condition. Very few examples of this game would have been made, probably in the low hundreds. This is the only one I have ever seen. Sold, delivered to a client in Germany.
Williams Heat Wave 1964
Gottlieb Bank A Ball 1965
Gottlieb 2001 1971
Gottlieb Flip A Card 1970
Williams Travel Time 1973
NEW. A BALLY 'ON BEAM' electro mechanical pinball game. Dating from 1969, the year man first went to the Moon, this space themed game has it all. The animated back glass has four beams and a space  station and rocket appear in the beams. The object of the game is to get the station and rocket in the same beam and dock the rocket to the station by using playfield features. This wins higher scores and free balls (Specials).  The playfield has inserts to show which beams the station and rocket are in. A free ball won is kicked out on to the playfield from between the flippers, normal balls are fired to the shooter lane.
High scores win replays and are adjustable to suit player skill levels.
This game is original and unmolested. It has an excellent back glass, playfield and cabinet. When the restoration is completed, it will be a stunning piece of space themed pinball nostalgia from the late nineteen sixties.
The playfield has four pop bumpers, four mushroom bumpers, one kickout hole, one stationary target, two slingshots, two 2" flippers, four top rollovers, two side drain rollovers and two flipper return lane rollovers. It is adjustable for replay or add-a-ball mode via a Jones plug / socket on the motor board.
Bally made only 1,150 examles of this game, making it a rare pinball.
NEW A 1968 WILLIAMS DING DONG electro mechanical pinball machine. This game has the basics required to allow me to restore it to very nice condition. It's just how I like to buy them, unused for years but with everything in very dirty but good condittion. It is complete, as it left the factory.
The back glass features children playing in a school playground, the game requires words on a 4 x 4 board to be completed. Targets and rollovers light inserts to complete words and light specials. It has a 7.7 out of ten rating, which is average for a very good player. It has classic bells for sounds. Only 1,850 examples of Ding Dong were made.
NEW Another classic 1965 GOTTLIEB BANK A BALL  wedge head electro mechanical pinball machine. This one is original and untouched from new and has a very nice cabinet with very good original art, almost perfect playfield and a very nice Perspex back glass. It will be completely overhauled, including all the electro mechanicals, will have a thorough clean inside & out, and very minor touch ups. It will have new legs, a new coin bar and door. It will be a superb example when finished. Pictures to follow.