EM pinball spare parts & paperwork
Spare parts for these old games can sometimes be very hard to locate. Reproduction parts are available for the more commonly needed items, and most are very good. The upper playfield parts are the most obvious case where a good reproduction is needed. They are not always a perfect match to the original, and even when they are, the fact that they do not have the mellowing effect given by age means they don't easily blend in with existing parts. Good used spare parts can sometimes be be found, and where only a single item is to be replaced, this is the best choice when the part can be located. If using reproduction parts, it is better to change all of a kind to give the best appearance. With mechanical parts, the appearance is less important to all but those who require a game to be as close to original as possible.
Most spare parts must be imported from the US, and with small quantities, the shipping and import duties can often be more than the value of the parts themselves. Because I import parts in quantity and on a regular basis, these costs can be absorbed to some extent. I also have many contacts who can supply good used parts which are sometimes very hard to find.

I can supply good used and reproduction parts for most EM machines. Examples are:

Electro mechanical parts

Coils, good used, new and extra strength. Relay and solenoid coils.
Switch blades, light, medium and heavy gauge.
Contacts for blades, light and heavy duty.
Stepper parts and spring kits.
Flipper parts and rebuild kits. Fibre links, pawls and bushes.
Pop bumper parts including fibre and metal yokes, plungers, rod/ring ass'y, springs.
Slingshot parts.
Coil sleeves, coil stops & plungers.
Chime boxes & bells.
Chime box grommets & rebuild kits.
Lampholders & lamps.

Cosmetic parts

Pop bumper bodies, Mylar rings, caps & screws.
Flippers & shoes.
Rubber ring kits.
Playfield plastic sets.
Insert plastics.
Targets, target & other decals.
Playfield metalware.
Shooter rods, springs, clips, Nickel & beehive housings.
Ball lifter rods.
Legs, leg plates, levellers & bolts.
Head bolts & washers,
Motor board bolts.
Coin doors, frames, slam panels & hinges.
Coin bars.
Lock down bars & end caps.
Side rail twist nails.
Playfield screws & cup washers.
Playfield glass (collection only)

Bally bingo parts

I can supply most parts for these games, NOS or good used.
Good used or rebuilt motors/gearboxes.
Stepper units.
Clutch washers & Neatsfoot oil.
Relays & coils.
Magic screen, squares or lines parts.
Illinois locks & keys (for back glass side rails)
Shooter rod assemblies.

Paperwork for EM pinballs

Schematic wiring diagrams, manuals  and flyers.

Listed above and shown in the images are just some examples of the parts I can locate, please ask if there are any parts you need and I will try to locate them for you. Please include the game manufacturer and game title in your request.

I can also get metal items re plated or sand blasted and powder coated in a range of colours.

Pincastors are a way of moving a pinball game without resorting to dragging the game on levellers, which puts extra strain on the leg bolts and cabinet corners, or crawling underneath and taking the weight on your back. I have them on all my games except the bingos that have wooden legs, I don't recommend them for that application. I find them very useful when I have to work on a game, or move it for any reason.
You can leave a pair on the back legs permanently, and just lift the front of the game, which is comparatively light, to wheel it away from a wall for inside the back box maintenance. Fit a second pair to the front if you need to wheel it from room to room, or anywhere at all really. They have a lever that will brake the wheel and the rotation. They come in rubber coated single or hard plastic single or double wheels and will support the weight of a flipper or bingo game (for magic lines, squares and screen  bingos, use double wheel version). They can also be used on any arcade game that uses the 3/8" - 16 (3/8" UNC or BSW) thread. I can supply them with 2" or 3" bolts.  I sell them in pairs or sets of four. A pair are £22-95 and four are £39-95, both plus postage.  Contact me if you need some.
TEL. 07973 618543
I have a lot of good used Bally, Williams, and Gottlieb parts including stepper units, brackets, coils etc. I have metal lampholder strips, Decagon score reel parts, Williams score reels & parts, Jones plugs and sockets in various sizes, play meters, relays & brackets, armatures & contact blades. I have coils to fit Zaccaria EM games.
I also have two  good used white label Recel B45-1000 coils and a good used yellow label Recel B55-700 coil.
Email or telephone your requirements.