A 1975 Gottlieb Spin Out  pinball machine. Motor racing themed, it features formula cars from another era. The art is wonderful, with very bold images and striking colours. It has an excellent back glass, playfield and cabinet. This game is in beautiful condition. It has been completely gone through electro mechanically. The playfield has been stripped, cleaned, polished and rebuilt with many new parts, including a NOS plastic set, new pop bumpers bodies, caps and  side lane guides. This game plays superbly, with strong flippers, slingshots and pop  bumpers. It has a very rare feature, a roto target. Gottlieb made very few games with a spinning roto target in the 1960s & 1970s. It was a very expensive item to make.
In 1975, Nikki Lauda won the F1 world championship in his Ferrari 312T. David Bowie had a hit with Space Oddity and Gottlieb released Spin out.
This game has five top rollovers, two centre side rollovers, two side rollovers and two flipper return rollover lanes. It has two pop bumpers, the roto target and a kick out hole.
Put out all four top rollover inserts to light the fifth centre one for SPECIAL. Every rollover put out adds 1000 points to the kick out hole and side rollover scores. Hit the rollovers or k/o hole to spin the roto. Hit the roto to light the seven numbers. Collect any line of four numbers from the line of seven below the roto for one replay. Collect any line of five for 2 replays, six for 3 replays, or light all seven and win 4 replays. Light 1-2-3 and 5-6-7, then hit four on the roto to hear the knocker score 4 replays. High scores also give free games, and are adjustable to suit player skill levels. This is a game that will keep you coming back, it has that 'nearly there, I'll do it next time' quality. This is a real players game, requiring good skill shots to achieve results. Only 2,850 examples of this   superb Gottlieb pinball game were ever made.

Gottlieb Spin Out 1975
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