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An simply superb example of a highly collectable 1972 Bally 'Fireball' electro mechanical pinball machine. The playfield is in very good condition with no flipper drag marking and no discernable wear. The colours are as bright as the day it was made and it shines beautifully. The back glass is in mint condition, with no marks to the screen printed art and no fading. The cabinet art is extremely nice. The colours are bright and strong, with no fading, which is very rare for this game. I have had to do only very minor touch ups and the cabinet is now superb. This game is near totally original, in absolutely fantastic condition, and that makes it a really desireable example.
The game has been completely gone through electro mechanically, and is playing as it should, with all features working very well. It is a very fast game, with a lot of unusual features. The playfield has been stripped, cleaned & carnauba wax polished. The pop bumpers have been stripped & re built with new Mylar discs to protect the area around them from wear. I have rebuilt the flipper mech's and fitted new flipper shoes and flippers. The game has a brand new rubber ring kit fitted. It has had new score relay coils, a new 0-9 unit step up coil, a new full set of playfield posts, new mushroom bumpers and a new Bally coin door decal. It has an old two shilling / 10p coin mech' fitted.
The game features a ramp area at the top, designed for a skill shot from the plunger. It has three pop bumpers, two of which are lit by the skill shot. It features two kick out holes which trap any ball landing in them. When a ball is trapped, another is fed to the shooter lane, but this does not increment the ball count, it is a free ball. The holes release  one trapped ball when the corresponding mushroom bumper is hit, or both balls when the captive ball is hit hard enough to reach the target. It has a ball kicker feature in the left drain, turned on and off by rollovers around the spinning disc. This corrugated rubber  disc spins during game play and sends the ball flying off in random directions. There is a right hand ball return gate, opened by the captive ball target. It also has 'zipper flippers' which close to stop the ball draining between them. These are actuated by a central mushroom bumper and released by the two side mushroom bumpers. There are two old fashioned bells and a knocker for sounds.
The images cannot show this game in its full glory, it needs to be viewed and played to fully appreciate how good it looks and sounds, and how well it plays.
This game is a riot of fun, playing like no other EM I have owned. The multi ball feature, together with the ball kicker and return gate, make for some fantastic playfield action. It is a four player machine, allowing one, two, three or four to play together. It will be a great machine for families or friends who fancy an evening of competition. It is considered to be the most sought after EM game of all.  Only 3,815 examples were ever made.  

Bally Fireball Original 1972