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A 1973 Williams / Segasa Travel time EM pinball game. The design of this machine is unique in EM pinball history. The game is not limited to a fixed number of balls, any number can be played, as long as there is time remaining on the clock. The game starts with a fixed amount of time units, indicated by the on playfield clock. The clock starts as a fired ball runs through one of the top three rollover lanes and counts down the time units. It can be stopped by either landing a ball in the centre kick out hole, or draining it. There are two centre playfield rollover buttons and a ball kicker lane between the  flippers which start the clock. More time can be won by the top centre rollover lane, which gives ten units, and lighting all the TRAVEL or TIME insert lights by hitting appropriate targets. This lights a one, the other or both SPECIAL insert lights above the kicker between the flippers. Landing a ball in the kicker gives twenty five time units for each special lit. As long as there are time units showing on the clock, the game can continue. As soon as they run out, the ball in play will end the game when it drains. It's a great game to play, really nice for home use as the number of balls is not fixed, which can give longer games if the player is skilled enough. High scores can be adjusted to give either replays or extended time. The amount of time the game starts with is adjustable, as is the speed it counts down at, to suit player skill levels. There is a liberal / conservative adjustment for the targets as well. High score levels are also adjustable.
The game features three top rollover lanes, ten stationary targets ( to light TRAVEL and TIME), three DC pop bumpers, a centre kick out hole, two centre rollover buttons, a ball kicker between the 3" flippers, insert lights for clock stopped / running, six scoring switches on the rebound rubbers, and two SPECIAL insert lights. There is a playfield clock showing time units remaining, which counts up time won, and counts down time available. It is a fantastic game to play and looks superb lit up. The game is set up on freeplay, no coins are required.
The game is fully gone through and playing as it should. It also lights up as it should. It has an older repainted cabinet which looks fine. The back glass is a translite type replacement. A correct type reproduction back glass can be fitted to this game for an extra £350.