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A 1952 Bally 'Palm Beach' bingo pinball machine. This is one of the very early wood rail Bally bingo games, it is 63 years old. It is the first game with supercards, one of only two that had five score levels and is extremely rare. It is an early version of the game and I have the correct schematic and manual for it. I have gone through the game completely electromechanically, and it is working perfectly, as the day it left the factory. The back glass is a reproduction, so is perfect. The art features a tropical beach scene with bathing beauties above the odds section. The playfield has been stripped, cleaned, minor touch ups completed and then Carnauba wax polished. The metal work has  been polished, the posts ultrasonically cleaned and the whole rebuilt with new a rubber ring set and NOS lamp shields. A brand new set of eight pinballs have been installed in the game. I have changed any bad lamps and the game is now glows as it should. I have cleaned and polished all the wood on the game, it is in really nice condition. The features include two supercards (3 in line scores 4 in line when lit), corners on the main screen score 200 when lit, 400 when lit on the supercards. 400 replays is the highest payout on this game. The game can spot any of five numbers (2-5-15-16-17) during cycling. The red and yellow star rollovers light during cycling, and spot all five numbers if hit when lit. It has seperate scores for 3 in line horizontal, vertical and diagonal and 4 in line and 5 in line and ten odds steps, again, unusual for a bingo from this early period. It has charming marbled plastic  pick a play buttons, red for general cycling, blue for odds, yellow for spotting features and green for extra balls. Extra  balls can step when using the general or spotting buttons, not whilst cycling for odds. Up to three extra balls can be won using the green button after the normal five have been shot. The game has the original tropical beach art on all but the cabinet front. I can touch the cabinet up, if required, but think it is better left original, so that is what I have done. It has the original wooden legs, which are in nice condition, and I have fitted new bright plated anti split and leg bolts / washers, as original. It is a fantastic game to play, will give countless hours of entertainment and should prove a wise investment as a bonus. Bally bingo games from this early period are rarely offered for sale, virtually never in perfect working condition. This is a rare opportunity to own one that has been properly restored and fully working.
The year this game was made, Winston Churchill was prime minister of Great Britain. The De Haviland Comet, the first commercial jet arliner, underwent it's initial flight, and NME published the first ever UK singles chart. There was not a Rock 'n Roll record listed, it didn't exist!