1970 Gottlieb Aquaruis for sale
TEL. 07973 618543
A 1970 Gottlieb Aquarius. A game from the hippy, 'love and peace' era. The age of Aquarius was in the air and the song by The Fifth Dimension was being played everywhere. It is 44 years old, a real piece of social history. The back glass and playfield feature astrological and zodiac signs, and astrological scenes. Only 2,025 examples of this game were ever made.The game has been completely gone through and is looking great and playing perfectly. Put out all the lit numbered inserts to light a SPECIAL that moves around the playfield or reach the (adjustable) high scores to win replays.
The game has five kick out holes, ten bulls eye targets, three pop bumpers, two slingshots, two 2" flippers and two side drain rollovers. There is a three chime box for sounds. It is fitted with an old two Shilling / 10p coin mech.
Sold to a gentleman in Sheffield.