1977 Zaccaria Combat for sale
TEL. 07973 618543
A 1977 Zaccaria 'Combat' four player pinball machine. The game is in excellent condition with as good an original cabinet as I have seen. The art is in excellent original condition. The playfield is near mint, as is the back glass. The game has been totally restored electro mechanically and cosmetically, with new parts fitted as required. It is now playing as it should, with strong flippers, slingshots and pop bumpers. It is the fastest EM game I haveever played. Up to four can play at the same time.
The game has seven top rollover buttons, three flashing pop bumpers, a left lane with a kick out hole, a right lane with a ball kicker, a five drop target bank, a spinner, three stationary targets, four side drain rollovers, a bonus counted on ball drain, and bonus balls can be won, as well as SPECIALS. High scores are adjustable. It features an electronic sound card, has a Biri Biri sound for reaching 400,000 points, and the volume is adjustable. There is also an electronic card to flash the pop bumpers, they score higher points when they flash.