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New! Now for sale are three new additions to our range: 
  • A 1961 Gottlieb ‘Flipper Cowboy.’ Lovely condition throughout. Perhaps one of the nicest examples remaining in Europe. Machines of this quality are very scarce. It will be fully serviced prior to free delivery within our service area  and is offered for sale, priced at £6995.00
  • A super rare Williams ‘Nags’ built in 1962. This machine is in superb condition for its age. Fully working and shall be serviced before free delivery within our service area. This model is almost unobtainable outside the USA, particularly one in this machines condition. It is offered for sale, priced at £11250.00
  • A 1965 Williams ‘Magic Town’ This is the sister Add a Ball model to the ever popular ‘Magic Town’ machine. Magic City machines are common enough here in the UK but the rarer Add a ball version is not. This example is in really good condition for its age and both looks, and plays, really nice. If you alrady own a Magic City, then this is a ‘must have’ to have the pair. Priced at £2995.00
Please look at our Machines for sale page for images. Further images, info, etc can be supplied upon request.
New, just added 12.4.2024!
Not strictly a Pinball machine but a very rare and desirable Amusement machine; A ‘Pace’ horse racing machine. It is in superb condition and was carefully restored by a very well respected expert in the USA, prior to it being shipped here in the UK. Complete with the very rare original feet  [many lost them over the years] and it even has a £5.00 Jackpot winning feature too! It is priced at just £16,500.00
And another rare beauty. This is for a Genuine 1937 [not reproduction] ‘World Series’ Baseball game. This too was carefully restored by the same person who restored the above ‘Pace’ machine nad the cabinet expertly restored by specialists here in the UK. It is very unlikely that another machine of such quality can be sourced so is a must for any Baseball fan or collector who loved the Baseball scene in the 1930’s. It is priced at £50,000.00
Please note: There is a dedicated page on the site where you can view these two beauties! There is also a You Tube video link, available upon request, to show the restoration of both machines along with a commentary from the restoration expert. These links can be supplied by email so please get in touch if you would like to view them.
Overseas shipping for any machine listed on this website is of course possible. We can use reputable carriers that we know or will work with the carrier of your choice.